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He would just presume it was the program I had installed to protect his computer.Now I have installed PC Matic on this computer and there has not been one problem since.Lets face it, if you do not have protection against viruses installed on your computer, you will without a doubt, get a virus within the first hour of surfing the internet. For years I would remove a virus from my dads computer at least once a year, until finally I realized that he needed a paid Anti-virus program.He wasn’t good with computers and if a windows popped up and said he needed to take a scan, he would just do it.Do not remove any other system configuration files.When the Mac boots back up and wi-fi is enabled again, for many users their wireless internet connection will immediately work again as expected.Time Machine makes it easy, but you can use whatever backup method you’d like.This is going to involve removing some system configuration files, therefore you should backup your Mac first, just in case.

It is recommended to backup your Mac before beginning any of this process.

If that’s the case, be satisfied with the relatively easy troubleshooting process and you don’t need to proceed any further.

It’s often a good idea to reboot the wi-fi router the Mac is connecting to as well, which can resolve some simpler wi-fi router issues that sometimes pop up with certain router brands and Macs.

How can you protect your computer from viruses if you don’t know what it is?

Not everyone can get away with using free Anti-virus software because it depends what you do on your computer.

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