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K Subban, les joueurs du CH n’étaient pas vraiment là pour cruiser.

But still, one has to wonder what Coach Cal was thinking in turning his back on the #1 recruiting class in America.

Renee is now doing Score Live and does a good job, especially when forced to work with that Cam Stewart guy ( I am not a fan, kinda wish he was still just on the radio that I did not get and has since stopped broadcasting).

I am sure ones Rogers takes over she will continue to see good on camera roles.

She has dropped a bit but it was nothing that she did.

Boom goes the Dynamite) so ability carries some hefty weight as well.

And right off the bat we have a tie for 10th - I didn't want to have to do this but I could not justify leaving either of these ladies off.

All of us will be calling out the names of players coaches as they walk by.

But then i'll practice compassion, kindness, forgiveness.

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