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No doubt for cost reasons, its designers used a single fast 128MB flash chip matched with slower flash chips.A 256MB Memorex Travel Drive, given away at last year's CES, passed with excellent test results: Random read speed 4627 KB/sec, sequential write speed 4131 KB/sec.As he notes, many people are in for a rude shock when they plug in a USB flash drive, Compact Flash card, or SD card and expect it work well with the new Ready Boost feature in Windows Vista.Many of those flash devices will fail, with a message that reads: "This device does not have the performance characteristics for use in speeding up your system.”But George gets one detail wrong in his post: Unfortunately Vista doesn't report the actual raw data for its Ready Boost test since it only gives you a pass/fail score making it as useless and confusing as the Vista performance index that's based on a scale of 0 to 6. When you insert a new flash device and try to use it as a Ready Boost device, it either passes or it fails.The rubber holder is in the shape of a soccer ball, dating it to last year's World Cup.

Grant Gibson has already begun compiling a list of devices that pass or fail the Ready Boost test.The first test produced a performance of 1602 KB /sec, only about 10% below the threshold of 1750 KB /sec.Three separate retests produced a range of results from 1401 to 1729 KB / sec. On the sixth retest, I got a different result, indicating that it had failed because it "does not exhibit uniform performance across the device." This cheap device was able, on this pass, to clear the read and write performance bars, but that exposed a design decision that made the drive unacceptable for Ready Boost.Those standards are: These results must be consistent across the entire device.In addition, the device must be at least 235 MB in size (although you can designate less than the full space on the drive for the Ready Boost cache). If you get a failure message when you first insert a flash device and try to use it as a Ready Boost drive, you can click Test Again to get a second hearing.

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Under this heading, click Microsoft, Windows, and Ready Boost. The log entries in the center pane include performance test results for both successful and unsuccessful attempts.

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