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Five hundred years ago, this population was scattered due to their forced expulsions from Spain and Portugal.Fleeing to the Ottoman Empire, Morocco, and a few locales in northern Europe, the Sephardic population maintained their genetic distinctiveness while they fused with the local cultures.Subsisting largely as nomadic hunter-gatherers, the First Peoples of Northern America are commonly recognized by their uniquely fluted projectile points (Clovis points) and tools, which were used to hunt large animals (e.g., mammoths, saber-toothed cats, land sloths, and even camels) that were present in North America at the end of the last Ice Age.Later populations, such as the Hohokam society in the southwest (near the present-day city of Phoenix, Arizona), display evidence of increased social complexity, likely due to the use of irrigation management technology.

These variations resulted in cultural and linguistic diversity that defines early and present day populations in this region.At the height of the Roman Empire, Jewish populations were scattered throughout the Roman territory.After the fall of Rome, the Jewish population in Spain was among the most numerous, and it prospered for a thousand years under Moorish rule.Therefore, it is quite rare for present day people to have a high percentage of origins from this cluster, even with documented family lineage.Testers within this cluster may have a percentage of genetic relatedness lower than expected.

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