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Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang posted on her microblog early yesterday morning that she is currently in a relationship."I confess!

I have been at a loss for words lately because I've been too happy!

You know it’s kind of annoying when you see ads for software that say, “Learn Chinese in six weeks!

” because it really takes a while to master Chinese.

BUT maybe what she is trying to do is get us to THINK that she's joking but actually she really IS in a relationship. There are so many girlfans who have decided, if Mike can't be with them, they will give their lives to see that he is with Rainie. He will never be with them or [email protected], you are so funny.

I began to learn to speak mandarin in the United States. For instance, Rosetta Stone software has a neat feature that records and processes your voice and displays it digitally so that you can see if you pronounced the tones correctly.

Some of them were so amazed that I was trying to speak Chinese that all they would say was, “Ah, You speak Chinese?

This was a favorite past time for me but there was a problem.

But, without a doubt, the most difficult thing for me has been to learn to listen.

Now that I live in Taiwan, I have many opportunities to practice speaking. She eventually wins him over because of her charm and sweetness. The young woman overcomes all odds to end up with the super successful young man.

In fact at one point, I asked a friend, the owner of this particular restaurant, “Why does everyone laugh when I speak to them in Chinese?

” Her reply, “You don’t speak Chinese.” Aha, I realized at that moment that learning to speak Chinese was going to be harder than I had previously thought.

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