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I owe a special word of thanks to Irving Leonard Markovitz, who, as a superlative human being, the reader of my dissertation, and a mentor and subsequently a friend and colleague, offered his consistent help and support throughout my academic career.

I am also grateful to my editor at Cambridge, Lewis Bateman, who remained patient and positive, and members of the production and editorial staff for their tremendous assistance.

Six sidewalk , peak acceleration, and frequency at which peak acceleration occurs.

For both the manual and electric-powered wheelchair, at 1 m/s, significant differences were found in peak accelerations between the seat and footrest (P (P = 0.004).

P1: SBT 052183581Xpre CUNY636B/Sedghi 1 X To the beloved memory of Baba, Hossein Sedghi (1300/1921–1354/1975), and Maman, Afsar Shishehchi (1307/1928–1375/1996) v May 21, 2007 P1: SBT 052183581Xpre CUNY636B/Sedghi 1 X vi May 21, 2007 P1: SBT 052183581Xpre CUNY636B/Sedghi 1 X May 21, 2007 Contents Acknowledgments Transliteration and References Introduction page xi xv 1 PART I. The Qajar Dynasty, Patriarchal Households, and Women Veiling Women and Work Women and Religion National and International Politics The Constitutional Revolution and Women’s Participation Reforms and Men’s, Not Women’s, Suffrage Feminism 25 26 29 34 40 42 47 50 PART II. The Pahlavi Dynasty as a Centralizing Patriarchy 61 Reza Shah: Power and Politics State-Building, Westernization, Repression, and Emasculation Women’s Work, Education, and Legal Reforms Independent Women’s Activities and “State Feminism” Unveiling World War II, Dynastic Changes, and New Feminisms Defeat of Women’s Suffrage, Mosaddegh, and the CIA Coup 62 64 67 76 84 90 95 vii P1: SBT 052183581Xpre CUNY636B/Sedghi 1 X Contents viii 3. During this time, I have been extremely fortunate to have had the intellectual and emotional support of many friends, colleagues, and relatives in both Iran and the United States.

I am deeply grateful for their encouragement, comments, critiques, and constructive suggestions, and their great sense of humor.

Little research has been conducted to assess the vibrations experienced by wheelchair users.

As a new Visiting Scholar at Harvard University’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies, I am grateful to Roy Mottahedeh, Steven Caton, Susan Kahn, and Sara Roy for their support and valuable interaction.

Subject to statutory exception and to the provision of relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may take place without the written permission of Cambridge University Press. Women, the 1979 Revolution, and the Restructuring of Patriarchy 199 The Revolution and Its Discontents State-Building, Islamization, and Gender Reveiling Sexuality, Mobilization, and Gender Police 202 206 209 214 The Gender Division of Labor 221 International Political Economy and Economic Changes Shifts in the Gender Division of Labor 222 225 P1: SBT 052183581Xpre CUNY636B/Sedghi 1 X Contents 8.

First published in print format 2007 e Book (EBL) ISBN-13 978-0-511-29503-4 ISBN-10 0-511-29503-0 e Book (EBL) ISBN-13 ISBN-10 hardback 978-0-521-83581-7 hardback 0-521-83581-X Cambridge University Press has no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy of urls for external or third-party internet websites referred to in this publication, and does not guarantee that any content on such websites is, or will remain, accurate or appropriate. May 21, 2007 Economic Development and the Gender Division of Labor 99 Integration into World Capitalism The Shah and Economic Development Urbanization The Gender Division of Labor: The Household The Gender Division of Labor: The Labor Force Division of Labor by Major Economic Sectors and Class The Industrial Sector and Women The Service Sector and Women Division of Labor by Marital Status and Life Cycle 100 103 106 108 112 114 115 119 125 The State and Gender: Repression, Reform, and Family Legislation 128 The State and Gender State-Religion Conflict The White Revolution and the Opposition The Family Protection Laws Adultery, Rape, and Prostitution in the Penal Code Women and Labor Legislation 129 131 133 134 141 145 Women and the State 152 Women’s Suffrage and Political Inequality Women’s Agency Conformist Women Elite Women Women’s Organization of Iran Women in the State Apparatus Nonconformist Women Secular Left Women Secular Independent Women Women of the Religious Opposition 154 160 162 163 168 173 179 181 187 193 PART III. May 21, 2007 ix Women’s Labor The Household The Marketplace The Informal Labor Market Contradictions 228 229 232 237 240 Politics and Women’s Resistance 245 Women’s Resistance Opponent Women Revolutionaries Rebels Reformers Proponent Women Devouts Trespassers 246 249 250 253 255 261 264 267 Conclusion 272 Glossary Selected Bibliography Interviews Documents, Books, and Articles Newspaper and Magazine Articles Films, Videos, Radio Reports, and Web Sites Index 289 295 295 295 315 319 321 P1: SBT 052183581Xpre CUNY636B/Sedghi 1 X x May 21, 2007 P1: SBT 052183581Xpre CUNY636B/Sedghi 1 X May 21, 2007 Acknowledgments Over the past two and a half decades when there was hardly material in Persian or English on the subject matter, I began to research and write on women in Iran, which eventually led to the birth of this book.

My biggest debt is to my cherished friend, Marion Kaplan.

She read the book, cover to cover, and offered enormous intellectual and moral support.

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This question forms the basis of Hamideh Sedghi’s original and unprecedented contribution to politics and Middle Eastern studies.

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