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Symbiosis - Their MBA can add value to your profile in terms of Placements, promotions etc. Ignou - Their Syllabus and Course structure is Elaborate. It is placed Second simply because IGNOU does not promote itself like Symbiosis does.3.

Here are some peculiar characteristics about the “Read this thread on a popular polish knife forum for more pictures.

Therefore, we got in touch with locals across all of Europe to hear their opinion on their nations knife making and its history. The first finding was that in some areas there were too many traditional knives to chose from.

These countries had a plethora of historical/traditional knives and therefore finding the most iconic ones required even more research and investigating. In some regions there seemed to be no national knives. By consulting more locals and doing more digging we eventually found a traditional and historical knife.

This never-before done research took over a month of grueling research and labor.

That was our philosophy during our hunt for Europe’s most influential knives.

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