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Kate is actually blaming her nasty troll-like behavior on that trip on stress and the hot weather. Jamie I think at her heart is a good person with a good head on her shoulders, despite her misguided friendship with Kate.

Classic not taking responsibility for her role as chief instigator. Jamie says fine blame it on stress, but the reality is that is no excuse to treat the people who love you and support you the most poorly. Also, I really like how the producers obviously interviewed Kate first, then went tattle-taling to everyone else about what she said to see what they would say. This reminds me of a scene in the upcoming season of The Crown, which has had a great opportunity to show itself off thanks to the changing landscape of TV I was just talking about.

It's hard to tell whether they're really going to patch things up or not but Ashley said they did have small talk conversations a few times since and Kate has said she is welcome anytime.The kids were older and more outspoken and disgruntled, and as we now know during much of this time, Collin was having such serious issues he is no longer living in the family home. For those whose incomes depend on their series, not just the talent but the local production companies, such treatment is rather cold, but as we learned now more than ever recently, Hollywood is more self-interested and devoid of any morals or accountability than we ever imagined.Predictably, this show is going to be full of old clips we've seen before, some many times before.We're only up to her early 30's now.) In it Queen Elizabeth appears to be irritated by everything going to shit around her--the prime minister resigning, her sister on all the front pages of the tabloids, her mother always on her case. And Phillip, her husband, stares her down and asks her if it occurs to her that she has people in her life who are there for her no matter what. I think Elizabeth has grown tremendously as she's aged, and learned a lot in particular since Diana's death.She wouldn't say something like that now, but I think that incapsulates her when she was younger.

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