Lollar single coil for humbucker

Normally, we’re all gung-ho on the DIY front, but this is one area we recommend skipping your first time out, unless you’ve had tons of practice finishing wood before. While you can of course set up your own axe, and we totally recommend doing so from here on out, at least for its initial inspection, it’s always good to get a second pair of eyes on your project.

We discovered a ground wire issue that was causing some noise.

and still use the piezo pickup for regular acoustic sounds. It is simply perfect for the way I think music should sound." - Joel Hamilton, Studio G Brooklyn "I want you to know that over the years, I've had Hex pickups built for me by Bartolini, Alembic, and Jason Lollar, and none of them worked as well as yours. Lollar Pickups – Lollar makes some of the best pickups money can buy, and his company offers pretty much everything under the sun as far as pickups go. You can also read our interview with Jason Lollar to learn more about his process and some cool behind-the-scenes info.We hoped you enjoyed our partscaster build, learned a few tips along the way, and decide to do your own.Allow the completed guitar to sit for a day or two and let the parts become one, adjust to your climate, and let the neck and body become accustomed to having string tension on them. It’s OK to bring it to a pro; it’s not a sign you’re a total loser. Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts – source for replacement bodies, necks, hardware and electronics. With over 30 years’ experience, they will deliver exactly what your project needs, and they’re amazing to deal with.2.Because if you’re a loser, then we’re losers, and honestly we can’t deal with that right now…Need more info? Skip the crap you don’t like and focus on the things that are actually enjoyable. Stewart-Mac Donald – Mac has everything under the sun you need to complete a partscaster assembly, and advanced tools and accessories for luthiers to build stringed instruments from scratch.3.

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Our Warmoth neck was perfectly straight, and the truss rod was super easy to adjust, so once our shim was in, we were golden.

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