Java program for validating username and password Mommysex chat cam

Pressing Enter key generates Action Event and can be handled by Action Listener.

I did that in other places in the code, don't know why I didn't in that specific instance... Almost everything as been said about your code., but there is at least one last thing to say that is very important, that maaartinus mention in his answer : don't log passwords. In this nature, passwords should be secret and known only to the holder of the account.Anyhow, this limitation is overcome with Text Area, another AWT component. In the third text field, the programmer displays the result of validation.Following is the class signature The super class of Text Field is Text Component and also for Text Area. if you can use java netbeans 6 point can do it in design drag jlabel1 for user name then drag jtextfield ,then drag jpasswordfield for drag a button for you double click in button then created j Button1Action Performed. I was instructed to create an bank account program that mimics an atm. If you're getting error messages, post them exactly (cut and paste).

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