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JY: I think it’s great that things are definitely changing now.Women are going to college, and working, and doing everything to be successful entirely on their own without a man that they’re depending on, and they’re still maintaining domestic responsibilities and raising children.They never spoiled us as kids, and were always very careful with how they spent it.

As far as attitudes, something needs to change, someone has to come out and say something so that people are more open-minded.We went to family friends’ houses always and were dressing up in salwar kameezes and grew up listening to Bollywood music and watching Bollywood movies.: Do you feel like your mom’s culture ever clashed with your dad’s?Jahan Yousaf: They both had very similar values in raising us — how they deal with money, for example.She was really engaged with the culture.: What kinds of music did you listen to growing up? YY: Well, our family was constantly listening to music. We had this karaoke machine that we would play on; that was pretty fun. We flew our mom out to Belgium, to Vegas — to Ultra. I think I’m more comfortable having my dad in the crowd because I think he can handle himself more, surrounded by a bunch of ravers. But our dad will be in the crowd jumpin’ around, going crazy.__: You represent several cultures and your brand touches on that.YY: We grew up on all kinds of music — our father’s favorite was ABBA, but he really loved all music... We got a guitar and a beginner’s drum set at very early ages, so we were always making music together. Have kids from other countries reached out to you with their support?

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