Fep clients not updating definitions

Here’s a list of all of the RSS feeds for every KB article that comes out. target=rss Issue When using the Software Update file as a scheduled task to update the Forefront Endpoint Protection definition files, the scheduled task may fail with an error code of 0x1.

In the %programdata%\Software Update file may see the following error: SQLMessage = “[22018][245][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Conversion failed when converting the varchar value ‘APSB10-22’ to data type int.”; Cause This happens when SCUP is used to import third party updates.

If both tests work, then there’s a high likelihood it will work in the provisioning package.

Testing with option 1 If your configuration file for O365 was configured correctly, O365 Pro Plus should install silently (a black window might pop up, but no user intervention is required).

In this example, we’ll be repackaging Office 365 Pro Plus Click To Run (CTR) since it has a small footprint consisting of a single and which allows for silent installation.

Know that this isn’t the most efficient way of installing Office 365 Pro Plus CTR using provisioning since using the standard Office 365 Pro Plus CTR bits will reach out to the internet to download ~1GB of files.

Use option 1 first just to validate that the exe works.

But use option two to make sure it works in the system context.

When download loading the beta SP1 bits, the client bits aren’t available and need to be downloaded separately.

Dismiss the lock screen and login with an Azure Active Directory Account.

If everything succeeded, you should see Office 365 Pro Plus installed on the device.

(Optional) Testing with option 2 Testing with option 2 requires the use of psexec to create a command prompt in the system context.

This will allow for validation of the application as system, which is the context Intune and the provisioning process will use to install the application.

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