Dating scammers how recognize

What is vital is how to recognize these potential scammers. • Scammers always claim to be working overseas and not in their original country of birth.This usually makes the potential victim of scam feel that the scammer is financially stable and have the capacity to travel to visit them.

Although anyone could be a potential scammer, Africans and especially Nigerians have been blacklisted as one of the top date scam countries. Know when to back away from such dates despite their words of attraction.•Male scammers mostly claim to be widower with at least a child to attract more sympathy and make their cover up look more realistic.Internet scams seem to be losing the battle as more awareness campaigns and orientations on how scammers deceive internet users have been exposed.Scammers now see widowers and widows as the most vulnerable and easy of targets due to their lonely life and emotional hunger.Health and cooperate workers like Nurses and Bankers respectively who have very busy schedules, are also likely to fall victims because they refer to online dates as an easy form to boost their social life.

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