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I don't understand how you could not like her at first (although this happens to me with some actors, it could never happen with Keener).I think she's great but agree on that Capote nomination. Let's pretend she got it for The 40 Year Old Virgin Loving the spotlight on 40-year-old Virgin. Too bad she doesn't get those roles more often.She plays this with a matter-of-fact kindness which is plainly transferable, recognisable to anyone who’s ever attempted to give something but has never been exactly sure why.In another moment, when she's deeply contemplating her lot in life and her atttitude of 'give and take', she glances over at a newly-acquired antique chair and envisions the dead owner sitting in it.

It’s a well considered and perfectly executed example of how acting can directly translate unspoken emotion with quiet power.Instead of the usual youth-orientated teen-love tribulations, here was a grown-up love story with infinite good will and a smattering of kind-heartedness.I’d say that Keener worked harder in creating a fully-fleshed-out performance from an original script here than she did with the real (and therefore easily-researchable, yet ultimately rather two-dimensional) figure of Harper Lee.I've never had any trouble loving Keener - along with people like Julianne Moore, Emmanuelle Devos and Juliette Binoche, she's one of the actresses whose performances I most look forward to.While I thought she was solid and weirdly resonant in Capote, I agree that she did infinitely superior work in The Forty Year Old Virgin.

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After eleven years of curious uncertainty, under a minute of screen time aroused a new level of Keener keenness within me.

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