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Algiers became the centre of Ottoman power, though inland Berber tribes such as the Kabylie (see People & Culture) enjoyed considerable freedom.

In 1830, the French attacked Algiers and took control of prime land.

To the east, the local Berber populations fell into the Roman region of 'Numidia', to the west into 'Mauritania'.

Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.

Stone age culture and farming eventually spread into the region and the Berbers (indigenous people of North Africa) are believed to have descended from these early communities.

By 100BC, the Romans had set up around 500 colonies across North Africa.

Multiparty elections in 1991 were won by the Islamic Salvation Front and the army stepped in to run the country.

Civil war ensued and by 2000, an estimated 100,000 people had died.

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